Another Milestone – New Library Opening

Asking you to support our educational efforts and help us train Chinese Reformed pastors.

Thanksgiving Testimony

Here we testify that God is gracious to “us”. Who is this “us”? It can be said that God is gracious to “Our China Reformed Seminary”, but what is about “China Reformed Seminary”? This is a church that belongs to God. He is not only kind to our Taiwan Reformed Presbyterian Church, but also to the entire Chinese Reformed Church. It can also be said that He is kind to everyone here. Because this new building does not belong to anyone else, but to “us,” as Paul said, “For it is all for your sake” (2 Corinthians 4:15, ESV).

Count Our Blessings

We have finally become a “Theological Seminary with a Campus.” We have been here for 30 years, and “no campus” didn’t bother us at first. Lately, every student who came here for the first time saw a seminary with only four floors (including the ground floor) in a mansion, with only 28 pings per floor. They thought, is this really a seminary? Now, when I walk to the new school building from here, I have a feeling of “campus”. The space of 138 pings will become the focus of our seminary in the future. As for the existing Hung En Building, we will still retain administrative staff and teaching spaces.

How amazing. In 1990, five pastors of our denomination started the Reformed Seminary. Among them, Pastor Daniel Tsai and Pastor David Lee are still teaching here with us. These five pastors, under the leadership of Pastor Liu Huan Jun, started this seminary. At the beginning, the classroom was in the hall of Reformed Presbyterian Nangang Church. There were seven students and five teachers taking turns to teach the courses for the Bachelor Theology degree at night. My wife and I saw along the way that God has always prepared for us, and He has His goal, that is, for us all to establish a Reformed Seminary for Chinese people! After experiencing many wonderful things, if you ask Pastor Tsai or Pastor Lee, “Did you ever think that China Reformed Theological Seminary would be today?” No one can imagine it.

Just like the old Princeton Theological Seminary in 1811, the predecessor of Westminster Theological Seminary, there was only one building. They originally hired two professors, but one did not appear. The only teacher who appeared was Archibald Alexander. For two hundred years, Westminster Theological Seminary has continued to train pastors and has become a place of great importance to the generation after generation of Reformed churches around the world. This is what we hope and pray for. Now that we have a new space, we hope to be at least half the size of Westminster Theological Seminary, with good faith and capable of training generations of preachers. I also deeply feel that the Chinese church also needs the Reformed seminary in Taiwan. The local seminaries are under persecution and pressure, and the good schools are being suppressed by the government and forced to close. Among our more than 160 distance students, at least 70 are in China. Almost all of them are preachers. Among them, there are more than 50 people who are engaged in preaching and pastoral work. However, they could not go to seminary! They were delighted to be educated in orthodox Reformed theology through the Internet, and this time there were many donations from the generous support of these people and their churches. They are not from rich underground churches, but I know their love for us. We know that the political relationship between Taiwan and China is not good, but our church must bear good witness.

No matter where you are from, whether it is the United States, China, or Taiwan, we are all brothers and sisters who love each other and help each other! They support us with this heart, and we work with them to prepare the next generation of pastors.

How you can help for our short-term goals

Thank God for allowing us to complete the relocation and renovation of the new library, which has been also successfully opened in September 2022. Today, we still have to pay $2.4 million in housing loans, with monthly payments of about $6,300. Therefore, we expect that before the end of 2022, a donation of $155,000 will be raised to pay off the loan, which will reduce the monthly payment amount to $5300 and reduce our burden of monthly repayments.

I also hope that we can look to God together for the short-term goals of CRTS campus expansion, and put prayers on it. Asking God to continue to be gracious and provide abundant supplies. If you are moved to contribute to this goal, please donate to the “China Reformed Theological Seminary Campus Expansion Project” through the link below and the information on remittance. Your dedication is a great support for us!


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