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Campus Expansion

For it is all for your sake, so that as grace extends to more and more people it may increase thanksgiving, to the glory of God.   – 2 Corinthians 4:15

Vision for the Future
God’s grace has brought us through decades of growth. China Reformed Theological Seminary is now one of the foremost Chinese Reformed seminaries.

Standing firm on the Gospel of Grace
There have been dramatic changes in society and the church over the past 30 years, but we have stood firm on the Gospel of Grace, equipping generations of pastors and church workers in responding to the needs of churches and the world.

Vision for Future

麥安迪牧師(Rev. Andrew McCafferty)
Rev. Dr. Andrew McCafferty

In 1990, under the leadership of Pastor Liu Huan Jun, two missionaries and three local pastors founded CRTS. Classes were held in our Nangang church. There was a part time administrative secretary, evening classes for 7 undergraduate students, and about 500 books in the library. There were no full-time faculty members. Today, we own our property – 5500 square feet of space in the heart of Taipei. We have four full-time faculty members, 7 other staff members, 160 students, and over 40,000 books in the library. God’s Grace has brought us a long way. CRTS is now one the two or three most important Chinese Reformed Seminaries; and the most important one that is outside of China.

The beginning of the project

The seminary needs an average of 30 pings of additional space every five years, and to meet the demand, the same space will be reused for at least two different purposes.

By 2021, the original 155 pings of space will not be enough to accommodate three new faculty members, office space for staffs, common area for students, study space, and library expansion.

After extensive discussion, the Seminary’s Board of Trustees has decided to seek and purchase approximately 100 pings of office space near our current building, with the hope that this space will accommodate our Chinese Library, seven faculty offices, and the student area.

An Answer to Prayer

By the grace of God, the Seminary has purchased a property for use as a library, student study center, and faculty offices in Feburary 2022. It is beyond what we could have expected. We considered 40 different properties. Three weeks ago we saw this building, and we knew that in every way it was far and away the best option.

A Rigorous Process

After we took this property into consideration, the seminary arranged four inspections, and the Campus Expansion Committee, the Board of Trustees, the Interim Board, and the Bargaining Committee conducted eight evaluations, reviews, re-reviews, and negotiations., taking a careful look at every aspect of the process. We prayed and prayed for countless hours.
Thank God! On February 13, 2022, we negotiated and signed a contract with the previous owner to purchase the property. He is the God who answers prayer!

Grace abounding

The new space adds approximately 138 square feet of space on the first floor to accommodate seven teachers’ offices, counseling rooms, and a student social center. The new space adds approximately 138 square feet of space, with the first floor housing seven teachers’ offices, counseling rooms, and a student social center. This will allow for more interaction between students and teachers. The basement is planned as a library, study space, and discussion room. Our current library collection consists of 31,260 titles, including 18,498 in Chinese and 12,764 in English. The books are displayed in an open-shelf format in accordance with the Congressional Book Classification System. We have enough space in the new library to display a mix of English and Chinese books by category number, so that teachers and students can find relevant materials in both English and Chinese when they are studying a single topic.

Looking Forward

  • Expanding the faculty and administrative team
  • Continuing to Prepare the Next Generation of Preachers
  • No financial shortage

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