We thank God for our partners in ministry support: the Reformed Theological Association, the Taiwan Reformed Presbyterian Church Presbytery, the Friends of CRTS (USA), the CRTS Alumni Association, Overseas Chinese, Mission to the World (PCA), Asian Theological Association (accrediting agency). Praise God for his continual provision for the spiritual, financial and personnel needs of CRTS through your prayers and generous giving.  

新的一年,請您在禱告中依舊紀念改革宗神學院:Please pray for the spring 2022 semester at CRTS:



1. 我們新購買的圖書館大樓已經裝修完成並啟用!一樓配置了教師辦公室和師生討論及用餐區;地下室則設有中英文圖書館、閱讀自習空間、討論室及摩登新穎的洗手間。感謝所有為神學院奉獻並繼續替我們在華人教會培訓領袖的事工擺上禱告的人。特別感謝設計師及所有工程及搬運相關人員、副院長麥牧師、所有行政同工、圖書館義工和學生們在繁忙的暑假期間,協助我們將各項事工一一到位,順利進入新的秋學季。請觀看本校官方網站中的圖片和影片,進一步了解我們的學院發展計畫。The newly purchased property has been remodeled and put to its intended uses! The faculty have new offices with bathrooms on 1F with a new student-faculty lunch area, while the entire English & Chinese library and new student study spaces are now in the basement with modern bathrooms. Thank you to all who have donated money and continue to pray for CRTS’s ministry of training leaders for the Chinese churches. Special thanks to the remodeling designer and workers, the vice president, all the administrative staff, volunteers and students for making many decisions and implementing them over a very busy summer to be ready for our new fall semester! Check out the pictures and video on our website.

2. 台灣的新冠肺炎旅行及隔離限制已經被取消,一些海外學生和所有密集克的海外老師們將可恢復入台申請,無需額外的檢疫、申辦文件及費用。Taiwan COVID travel and quarantine restrictions have been lifted and some overseas students and all mini-class faculty will be permitted to come in without excess testing, paperwork and costs.

3. 改革宗神學院今年的畢業典禮雖因疫情延期到9月24日舉行,但本次畢業生高達三十位,是我們有史以來最多畢業生的一次。我們很高興地看見,有更多被裝備好根基的畢業生,能投入世界各地的華人教會服事。CRTS had a delayed graduation on September 24 (due to May COVID restrictions) with 30 students (our largest graduating class ever) and we rejoice to see more foundationally equipped graduates serving all over the world in Chinese churches.

4. 我們正在與兩位新的潛在教師洽談,在不久的將來加入團隊。一位將成為實踐神學以及教會實習處主任,另一位則將加入成為舊約教師。We are in discussions with two new potential faculty additions in the near future, one for practical theology/Dean of interns and one in Old Testament.

5. 感謝神,我們收到一筆數量可觀的奉獻,以資助我們未來在神學碩士及神學博士進深研究的發展。請為我們能夠繼續招募新師資、進行培訓、以致未來能在改革宗神學院事奉代禱。We received a substantial donation to help fund future faculty training on ThM and PhD levels, so pray that we can continue to recruit faculty in training for future service at CRTS.



1. 學院發展計畫仍需在未來一兩年再募集至少新台幣兩千萬元,以期降低貸款金額成為較易負擔的數字。The campus expansion fundraising still needs to raise another NT$20,000,000 in the next year or two to bring the loan repayment down to manageable costs.

2. 願神供應我們一位具資格的新約教師,以及一位實習部門主任。Provision for our on-going needs for a qualified teacher in New Testament, and a Dean of Interns.

3. 為錢慕恆牧師未來三個月在博士論文研究和寫作的過程禱告,也求主紀念他和師母身體的健康。Pastor Chee MohHerng’s PhD dissertation research and writing process over the next three months.

4. 為了兩岸局勢的持續和平與穩定禱告。(也為我們中國大陸學生因兩岸政治狀況,目前來台就學仍受攔阻而向神祈求)For ongoing peace and stability in the cross strait situation. Mainland students are currently barred from Taiwan entry due to current tensions.

5. 改革宗神學院於2023年春天再次申請亞洲神學協會(ATA)的認證更新,需要根據所選擇的對象評估其回饋,重新開始五年的自我評鑑。這次我們還會加上遠距道學碩士學位的評估。CRTS will apply for ATA accreditation renewal in the spring 2023 and needs to redo the 5 year self-study with evaluative feedback from constituents, and will add the MDiv distance degree to our application for accredited programs.

6. 請為我們目前教師群當中有兩位兼任老師的身體健康代禱:希臘文老師成仁牧師正經歷第四期癌症的治療中、大學部新約老師史弘揚牧師準備接受腎臟炎及結石手術。求神恩待憐憫他們。 Health concerns for two of our faculty, one with stage 4 cancer and one with kidney stones.

7. 禱告我們能透過教師的研討會或是其他在台灣各地的外展活動,可以增加來校報考入學的台灣學生。Growth in our Taiwan student recruiting base through faculty seminars and other outreach events in various Taiwan locations.

※ 本校自2021年春節後開始的學院發展計畫,蒙神的恩待,也承蒙各位代禱及奉獻者的支持,至2021年底,我們已經收到1200多萬的奉獻及600萬的認獻,您們的愛心繼勵了我們。讓各位繼續為此計畫禱告,朝向下一個階段邁進。我們已於2022年2月買下一棟新的圖書館用地,並且經過整修、裝潢後,已於2022年9月開始啟用。歡迎您透過官網中「學院發展」的介紹,更認識並支持我們的計畫。

※ 我們的經常費奉獻當中有55%來自學費、 10%來自海外,仍有35%尚待各地捐贈。我們的擴校奉獻,仍須達成約70%的募款目標。 歡迎您在禱告、在宣傳、或在奉獻上支持並紀念改革宗神學院。願主繼續恩待在這地的神學教育及福音事工。


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