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“Cor meum tibi offero Domine prompte et sincere”–I offer you my heart, Lord, promptly and sincerely.


In September of 1990 a group of Chinese pastors and missionaries, lead by Dr. Whan Joon Liu, recognizing the need for a Chinese Reformed Seminary, established China Reformed Theological Seminary in Taipei. The Board elected Rev. Liu as the first president. There were seven students meeting for classes three nights a week. Under the leadership of the second president, Dr. Peter Tang, we opened classes to non degree students and moved to our present location (the Christian Reformed Church Mission building). After Dr. Tang retired in 1998, the school was reorganized. We began a graduate program and day classes. Dr. Andrew McCafferty and Dr. Tim Yates became our first full time faculty. Dr. McCafferty was the Academic Dean from 1998-2008 and did a wonderful job establishing the school with growing enrollment and financial stability. Dr. Luke Lu is now the Acting President and Dr.Yates is the Academic Dean. We added two more missionary teachers, Dr. Ulrich (Old Testament) in 2008 and Dr. Yeo (Practical Theology, Dean of Church Relations & Interns) in 2009.

Our Degrees

(classes in Mandarin): ThM in Historical Reformed Studies, M.Div., MA’s in Old Testament, New Testament, Christian Studies and Biblical Counseling, Bachelor’s of Theology and Distance Learning M.A Christian Studies. For overseas students we also offer 2/3 degree credits overseas, 1/3 on campus degree completion programs (M.Div. and M.A.C.S.).


In the last twenty years we have grown from 7 part time to 45 full time degree students. We have over 100 different people taking courses every year. We now offer about 35 classes a year with an average attendance of 12 students in a class. Since 2008 we have offered distance learning courses live on the internet and through recorded DVD, and have two extension sites in Taipei county churches.

We have also developed extension learning sites in other countries. Overseas students from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Canada have also enrolled in the past two years. A few courses are also taught in English.


CRTS is led by a Presbyterian system of government where mature elder-pastors make decisions as a team. CRTS is a Taiwan property-based non-profit, governed in its major decisions by an 11 member Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of representatives from the five major donor groups of CRTS: the US based Friends of CRTS, the Taiwan Reformed Presbyterian Church Presbytery, the Reformed Theology Association (RTA), Mission to the World (Presbyterian Church in America mission board) and a selected group of overseas Reformed pastors. The budget spending and finances of CRTS are controlled by a five-member administrative committee elected by the RTA, a nonprofit member-based Taiwan corporation. Most RTA members are from the Taiwan Reformed Presbyterian Church. The faculty, under the leadership of the Dean, is responsible for all academic decisions.


Missionary teachers, three local staff and student workers operate the school on about NT$6,000,000 a year. About 20% of our income comes from tuition, 65% from local donations, and 15% from overseas. Members of the RTA each contribute NT$12,000 per year. We continually have building improvement needs and repairs, in addition to a scheduled remodeling projects. Our China mission work (NT$460,000/yr), library growth (NT$30,000/yr) and Taipei building acquisition fund (NT$570,000/yr) continue to need support. We invite you to share in the financial costs for this important work, as well as in the credit for the fruits of our labors (Phil 4:17).


You can help! Take one of our classes. Pray for us. Give this brochure to a friend. Tell another church about us and invite us to come for a special Seminary Sunday event. Join the Reformed Theological Association (a Taiwan membership based non-profit organization that supports CRTS, the Family Counseling Center, and the Reformation Translation Fellowship). Go to our web site for forms and application to the RTA. If you would like to donate directly to our general fund, you can do so through Friends of CRTS in the US or give directly to the Reformed Theological Mission in Taiwan. Reformed Theological Mission (Taiwan property based non-profit) owns the building and is registered to operate CRTS.


RTM Taiwan postal deposit

  • Number: 50145002
  • Name: 財團法人改革宗神學宣教會

Bank transfer with NTD

  • 台北富邦銀行 (012) 西松分行 (Taipei Fubon HsiSong Branch)
  • 帳號:00530-102-815-180 (台幣 )
  • 戶名:財團法人改革宗神學宣教會

Please call or email CRTS to notify of your transfer amount and name if you use ATM transfer since the account transaction will not list your name, only your originating bank account number. Single ATM transfers cannot exceed your single transaction withdrawal limit. For Credit Card gifts, contact CRTS for a credit card authorization form, or download the PDF form from our English website, fill it out and mail or fax it to CRTS.

Bank transfer with USD

  • Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Hsisung Branch
  • Swift Code:TPBKTWTP 5300
  • Account No.:00530-180-170005 (USD)
  • Address:No.75-1, Sec. 4, Nanjing E. Rd., SongSham Dist., Taipei, Taiwan (Zip code: 10580)
  • Account name::Reformed Theological Mission Corporation

By contributing to our US non-pro-fit, Friends of CRTS

  • Please contact Julie McDougall
  • Address:44857 Crestview Road Columbiana, OH 44408

Contact us

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