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Campus Expansion

For it is all for your sake, so that as grace extends to more and more people it may increase thanksgiving, to the glory of God.   – 2 Corinthians 4:15

Vision for the Future
God’s grace has brought us through decades of growth. China Reformed Theological Seminary is now one of the foremost Chinese Reformed seminaries.

Standing firm on the Gospel of Grace
There have been dramatic changes in society and the church over the past 30 years, but we have stood firm on the Gospel of Grace, equipping generations of pastors and church workers in responding to the needs of churches and the world.

Looking Ahead

Where do we go from here? By 2026, we would like to have four full-time Chinese local members, with one serving as the Vice-President and one serving as the Dean. Missionaries and qualified local pastors would make up the rest of the faculty. Besides Rev. Chee, we are looking to hire or train three other teachers. We want men whose lives have been deeply changed by the gospel, who are Reformed in theology, who have pastoral experience and a pastoral heart, who have a love for their students, as well as having a Ph.D. in their area of specialty and being native Chinese speakers. On the financial side, if their average salary and benefits come to USD $3,200, the three new faculty members will require an extra $9,600 / month. Four local faculty members is a challenge. But if it is God’s will, it will happen through the prayers and support of God’s people.Besides faculty, our other need is for more space. Our current 5500 sq ft of property is already not enough. There is certainly no room for three new teachers and the growth in students, staff, study area, and library space we hope to see. The current space has three apartments and a large basement. The basement has our two classrooms, our computer center, a small storage space, and our English library lines it walls. The first and third floor apartments have 10 offices which our 12 employees are using. The second floor is the Chinese library and student study carols. Over the last 10 years, the study space and even the study carols have become smaller, and there is less space between book stacks. The picture shows that we have reached the end of using this strategy.

Preliminary Proposal

After extensive discussion concerning space, the Seminary Board has already decided to buy 3500 sq ft of office space near our current building. The space will house our Chinese library, seven faculty offices, and a student center. We have not yet put a down payment on a specific piece of property. But there is one suitable office space currently for sale, and it will give you some idea of the cost:

  • 9-minute walk from school
  • The asking price: USD $3.2 million
  • The size: 3450 sq ft plus 3 parking spaces

Standing firm on the Gospel of Grace

Since our founding in 1990, the China Reformed Theological Seminary has remained steadfast in its mission to spread the Gospel of Grace. Despite the dramatic changes in the society and the church over the past 30 years, we have stood firm on this ground, equipping generations of pastors and church workers. More than 200 graduates have been equipped and trained. Many of these serve in churches in Taiwan. Besides these, many our students come from overseas to Taiwan to study because of their desire for the pure teaching of the Reformed faith. They then return to their hometowns to serve after graduation.


Over the past few years, the number of our students, faculty, staff and library books has grown more rapidly. This made it obvious that we needed more space. Feedback from our students included the library space being inadequate, with study spaces being too small and too noisy. The library stacks were so close together that it was difficult to squeeze between them in order to reach a book! There were few remaining places to study or to relax and talk on campus. But the idea of buying a multi-million-dollar building near our school seemed far out of reach. We considered moving out to the countryside. However, after an extensive period of prayer, discussion, and reflection, we decided that despite the cost of property in Taipei, we needed to remain in Taipei and trust in the Lord to provide. Just as God has been pleased to entrust the Seminary with many students, we believed He would provide adequate space for seminarians to study.

The chart on the right shows the recent development of the seminary. We give thanks for God’s wonderful providence. May the Almighty continue to be gracious and pleased with the work that the seminary offers to Him.

Need for campus space increases every year

Over the past 25 years, the Seminary has needed an extra 1000 sq. ft. of additional space every five years or so. At this rate, the addition of this 4950 sq. ft library should be adequate for about 20 years.  Until 2003, the entire seminary was located in the basement of our current main building. From 2003 to 2021, with the gracious help of the CRC mission in Taiwan, we gradually expanded in the first, second, and third floor apartments (each being about 1000 sq. ft.). 

1000 sqft. (2003)

During the first 10 years, the entire school was in the basement of our building.  In 2003, we moved our offices into the first floor.

1000 sqft. (2009)

With the need for more offices on the first floor, we moved the family counseling center, the Reformed Press, and some faculty offices to the third floor.

1000 sqft. (2012)

With the need for a second classroom in the basement, we moved our library to the second floor (1000 sq. ft.). We also started Taiwan RTV in a third-floor office.

4950 sqft. (2021)

With the addition of this space, we will have a quality library, and the faculty offices we need to continue to grow.

The Plan for the New Space

The new space will house our library and all our faculty offices. This will allow the students to have more interaction with the faculty.

Basement layout picture

Smart Meeting Room

A space for intense academic dialogue and to work on group projects and assignments. It will be furnished with digital audio-visual equipment to optimize the interactions between local and distance students, so as to enhance the quality of all our students.

Library Books area

Space for at least 40,000 books as well as individual desks for students to study by themselves in quiet.

Open space seating area

Open space seating in a quiet area with tables and good lighting. Here students can study together in a slightly more relaxed area.

First floor layout picture

Comfortable, informal discussion and dining area

On the first floor there will be space for students and faculty to relax, to have informal discussions, and to fellowship together.

Faculty offices

The seminary continues to focus on the teaching of God’s Word.  As the number of students grow, the need for more faculty is pressing and this brings a need for faculty offices. Our plan is to have faculty offices in close proximity to where the students congregate and study.

Affirmation from Partners in ministry 

Rev. Dr. Vern Poythress

CRTS plays a key role in the training of Chinese Christians throughout the world. Its contribution is far out of proportion to its size. It is to be commended both for biblical orthodoxy and for effectiveness in its training. So it is a fruitful investment for Christian people looking for a place where the effects of the investment will be multiplied.

Vern S. Poythress

Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Biblical Interpretation, and Systematic Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Rev. Dr. Guy Waters 

China Reformed Theological Seminary has been faithfully training pastors, counselors, and other church leaders for a generation. With these new facilities, it is poised to expand and to extend its promotion of the Reformed faith to Taiwan, Asia, and beyond.

Guy P. Waters

James M. Baird, Jr. Professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, USA

Rev. Dr. Mohherng Chee

The fruits of theological education often are not visible until a decade after the student has graduated. In retrospect, China Reformed Theological Seminary has shaped my thinking and my heart for lifelong ministry. This seminary has helped me to build a solid theological foundation and trained me to embody my doctrinal beliefs in real life and pastoral care. I am equipped to commit myself to the Bible as a pastor, husband, father and friend. I am taught to love the Lord, to love Christ’s Church, and to love the deep needs of the souls of my brothers and sisters. Most precious of all, I have got to know a team here who serve God with a heart of reverence, humility and joy.

MohHerng Chee

Faculty at China Reformed Theological Seminary, teaching theology and practical theology, Alumni


Q: Will the seminary go with financing? Why choose to buy rather than lease?

A: China Reformed Theological Seminary places great emphasis on the teaching and training of the Word, our prayers and preparation includes hiring more faculty. However, if we choose to go with financing or lease, the fixed costs of these recurring expenses will use up the funds we have available for hiring faculty. Leasing a space for student center and faculty offices is not helpful to the seminary in the long run. Therefore, the seminary has decided not to lease or take on a large long-term loan.

Q: Why don’t you move the Seminary to the countryside outside of Taipei?

A: Being in the center of Taipei is an important part of our ministry to Taiwan.  Moving would have a negative impact on interactions with non-residential students, with long-time supporting churches and their pastors, and with finding internships for seminarians.  Secondly, the cost of building a seminary in the countryside would be 3-5 times more than the current project, and would be a long, difficult, uncertain process. Thus, we prefer the conservative approach of purchasing a commercial space near our current location and using it as an extension of our current campus.

Q: Will the seminary sell the current building?

A: The seminary has no plans to sell its current building. The basement of the current building will continue to be used for classroom, while the first to third floors are used as the office space for the seminary and related organizations.

You are welcome to learn more about China Reformed Theological Seminary, and our related organizations.

2018 China Reformed Theological Seminary Graduation

Definitely a Challenge

Support through prayers and donations

For a Seminary with no major contributors to buy a $2.4 million-dollar building is definitely a challenge, but we believe that this good work will happen through the prayers and support of God’s people. We have already raised over $1 million dollars through the sacrificial giving of our churches, students, staff, faculty, and Our hope and prayer is that we can pay off our $1.4 million dollar loan over the next two years. If you have a heart for the Kingdom of Gospel and identify with the seminary’s commitment to the Gospel of Grace, we hope you will partner with us in prayer and support.

Funding need for campus expansion

USD $2.4 million

Support us now and walk along with us:

A. One-time donation

B. Monthly pledge (QR code below for details.)

Ways to Give (click here)

By bank transfer with NTD

  • 郵政劃撥:帳號:50145002
  • 戶名:財團法人改革宗神學宣教會
  • 國內匯款:台北富邦銀行( 代號012) 西松分行
  • 帳號:00530-102-818-449( 台幣)
  • 戶名:財團法人改革宗神學宣教會

By bank transfer with USD:

  • Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Hsisung Branch
  • Swift Code:TPBKTWTP 530
  • Account No.:00530-180-170005 (USD)
  • Address: No.75-1, Sec. 4, Nanjing E. Rd., SongSham Dist., Taipei, Taiwan
  • (Zip code: 10580)
  • Account name::Reformed Theological Mission Corporation

By Cheque

  • Cheque in NTD please make payable to “財團法人改革宗神學宣教會”
  • Cheque in USD please make payable to “Reformed Theological Mission Corporation”

By contributing in the US to our US non-profit, Friends of CRTS

Donations can be sent to 

  • Friends of CRTS,
  • c/o Julie McDougall,
  • 44857 Crestview Road Columbiana,
  • OH 44408

For more information see or email  All donations are tax-deductible in the US, and the entire amount of the donation will be transferred to CRTS.

Three-year fund-raising plan

We have asked each of our teachers to contribute USD $3600, each staff member to contribute $3200, our 160 students, 206 alumni, and 150 other supporters to contribute either $1800 or $1260 over three years. We are asking the churches in our denomination to raise $285,000 and hope to have other churches contribute $70,000. We are asking our overseas Board members to raise $575,000. Beyond all of this, we need $800,000 from major donors. This is very bold because it requires a great deal of sacrifice, but we have been very encouraged with the response. In the first year we raised over 1 million dollars. Our hope and prayer is to raise the remaining 1.4 million in the next two years

Your personal information will be kept confidential. It will not be disclosed or used for purposes other than those necessary for the maintenance of donations records.

Yes! I will contribute to the Campus expansion plan of the China Reformed Theological Seminary.↗

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